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Ingleburn pest control

Ingleburn pest control, Ingleburn termite inspections, and Ingleburn termite treatments.

For all effective pest control services, we offer a dependable crew that covers the city of Ingleburn and the neighbouring areas. Stop common pests from seriously damaging your home’s property, including cockroaches, ants, termites, rats, and many other insects. We’ll ensure you have a long-lasting remedy for all your bug issues!

With over ten years of experience in the field, OCG Pest Treatment is a fully accredited and reputable pest control business in Ingleburn. We offer a sincere and trustworthy service to all residences and companies in the area as qualified specialists in Ingleburn. We utilise eco-friendly materials to secure the safety of all children, animals, and plans.

Pest Control in Ingleburn and Surrounding Suburbs

Premium pest control and termite treatments are offered in Ingleburn, NSW 2565, by OCG Pest Control Ingleburn. We use only high-quality products that are guaranteed to be effective!

At OCG Pest Control Ingleburn NSW 2565, you can count on us to provide dependable service at a fair price. The best option for pest control in Ingleburn is OCG Pest Control. Where do you need assistance? We have over 15 years of combined experience and have assisted thousands with their termite inspections or treatments. Since 2011, a local, family-run firm has provided commercial and residential clients! We pride ourselves on quality pest control, and our 5-star google reviews are sediment to our qualified proud technicians in Ingleburn and Surrounding Suburbs.

We Provide Pest Control Services

OCG Pest Control only employs quick, safe, and efficient procedures to protect your family’s health. To give you the finest service possible, our team of professionals adheres to Australian standards for excellence in all areas relating to pest treatments.

Cockroach Control ServicesSpider Problems Solutions We Offer Termite Inspections And Treatments To safeguard homes from termites like never before!

Pests have gotten out of hand! Your food is being eaten, and the fabric on your clothes and furniture is being destroyed. You need a professional to take care of them; in Ingleburn, NSW, 2565, we offer high-quality service at reasonable prices.

The most crucial factor in pest control is ensuring you know that everything will be alright. For this reason, our staff goes above and beyond what other businesses provide: they are dedicated to keeping houses free of pesky intruders like bugs, spiders, etc. If there is anything tiny enough, call us right away (or large)

Expert Pest Control Ingleburn NSW 2565

An essential component of routine house upkeep is pest control. Some bugs can be unpleasant, sicken, or even kill people! Rats and mice also fit into this category because they have the potential to spread diseases like leptospirosis or typhus, in addition to being insects that could lurk in your possessions unnoticed until it’s too late if you don’t take action against them right enough. Cockroaches are only one example.

As terrifying as these scenarios initially appear, we’ve discovered ways to keep your houses free from unwelcome visitors by being cautious while looking for issue areas like these. It’s essential to protect your family and pets. With our courteous service and efficient pest control management, OCG Pest Control can keep everyone secure in their house without sacrificing cleanliness or comfort if you’re trying to safeguard your or a loved one’s security from pests.

Our pest control services are available for all your needs, whether you’re a business trying to scare off pests or want the peace of mind from knowing they won’t be entering your house. We’ll demonstrate how much better life can be by clicking here.

Why is a Termite Inspection in Ingleburn so Important?

Termites. Swarming with them? If you plan a routine inspection in Ingleburn, no. What could be worse than an angry little man chewing through wood or spreading tiny spores everywhere without warning!? A termite infestation can be readily controlled by identifying it early, and these small insects typically don’t cause massive damage to your home as they might seem on TV.

They consume structural softwood lumber such as rafters, beams, bearers and joists, studs, and noggin. Regularly scheduling inspections is the most straightforward approach to stop termites from ruining your house.

We want our clients’ homes to be free of severe structural damage so that the infestation can be promptly removed. Termites are invasive pests that adore eating wood. They can ruin anything, including furniture legs, kitchen cupboards, and flooring! Termite indications include small holes in walls or bubbling paint; if you notice any of these symptoms, a termite attack may be underway. If so, call a professional immediately because these forms of termite damage cannot be repaired with time. Paper goods, books, you name it—cellulose-based items are what termites eat!

The Ingleburn Termite Inspection Procedure

Any effective termite control programme in Ingleburn, NSW 2565, begins with termite examinations. We look for any potential indicators or hints that could point to future attacks by these pests during our thorough inspection of your home. These include factors like moisture levels and other attractants like decaying timbers. Before it’s too late, you can check the area around the buildings to see if there have been any infestations. Depending on the size of your home, a termite inspection in Ingleburn may take between 1.5 hours and 2 hours.

Following our assessment, we’ll offer suggestions on how to keep those troublesome termites at bay. The customer receives recommendations on addressing any issues discovered throughout this process, a detailed report outlining everything found so far and instructions on what to do next.

Ingleburn Termite Treatments

A qualified technician must conduct a thorough termite inspection in Ingleburn before the start of any termite treatment. The review is essential because termites may also be present in other parts of the structure. It is crucial to treat your house or place of business for termites thoroughly. Complete extinction is unlikely if this continues.

Termites are annoying little creatures. They give you internal runny noses and harm your house’s structure! Termite treatments can be complex and lengthy; on average, it takes months before a colony is wholly eradicated. However, success rates rise daily. Professionally trained individuals only handle these pests in this manner since there is no space for error or blunders during an active infestation (if one were present). The price ranges from $2000-$5200 for each chemical barrier, which should last 3–8 years and is primarily dependent on environmental conditions, including but not limited to the soil type and area of the afflicted property.

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Unit or Apartment
6 months
Prices From    $89
2 Bedroom Unit
A full internal and external Pest Control Treatment
Full Internal and External Pest Spray
15 types of spiders
5 types of Cockroaches
and more
Single Story House
6 months
Prices From $149
3 Bedroom House
A full internal and external Pest Control Treatment
Full Internal and External Pest Spray
15 types of spiders
5 types of Cockroaches
and more
Double Storey
6 months
Prices From $249
4 Bed Double Storey
A full internal and external Pest Control Treatment
Full Internal and External Pest Spray
15 types of spiders
5 types of Cockroaches
and more


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