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German cockroach

German Cockroach Facts & Information

The German cockroach is the most common cockroach species found worldwide. German cockroach / Scientific name - Blattella germanica. 

A palmetto bug is the same thing as a German cockroach. The term “palmetto bug” is used most frequently in the Southeastern United States, particularly in Florida. The German cockroach is one of the largest of all roaches. According to the University, “Palmetto bugs are considered by many pest control operators to be the worst cockroach pest in homes.” They are very large and can fly.  Blattodea is an order of insects that contains cockroaches and termites.

German Cockroach Facts & Information

German Cockroach Facts & Information

Like most of their kind, German cockroaches are creatures of the night and prefer the warmth of the indoors rather than the weather outdoors.  Their size is anywhere from 1.1cm to 1.6 cm long with their body colour varying from a tan shade to that of black.


From the home, the female lays a light brown egg capsule every 16-24 days up to 8 capsules in her lifetime. From that capsule can come up to 36-48 eggs. Remember that one roach can spawn 384 more roaches. As you can see, having a few German roaches in your house can cause quite a pest problem. For that reason, you must take steps to eliminate roach eggs. Simply eliminating the live roaches won’t fix the problem.

The German cockroach is economically the most important urban pest in Australia.

How do people get german cockroaches?

Where do German Cockroaches Come From? The German roach is easily transported. It comes from the grocery store, suppliers (commercial) or cardboard boxes and secondhand appliances. When you buy groceries, they can easily catch a ride in one of the bags and can be inadvertently introduced into your pantry or your kitchen cabinets. Homeowners are most likely to find a German cockroach crawling around the bathroom or kitchen.

How to get rid of german cockroaches

Sprays either repel cockroaches or kill them on contact. Bait stations and gel baits lure cockroaches in with poisoned food and get them to take the bait back to their nests. Gel baits can be squeezed into smaller cracks where bait stations can't fit. You can also squeeze gel baits into cracks where bait stations don't fit. Both traps use slow-acting insecticides that cause the cockroaches to infect each other. This method can potentially eliminate your roach infestation. We recommend starting with bait traps over insecticide sprays.

What kills German cockroaches instantly?

German roaches can be treated with diatomaceous earth, boric acid and borax, natural insecticidal dusts. Properly used, they kill roaches but present little danger to humans.


German cockroach facts:

  • They have a striking marking of two dark streaks on their tan, dark brown or black pronotum.
  • They are smaller than other types of their species, with the length of their bodies being anywhere
    between 1.1cm to 1.6cm.
  • Their favourite spots include the various parts of the kitchen such as the dishwashers, unwashed
    dishes, food containers that aren’t properly sealed or uncovered edible items. It is quite common
    to find them in Australian homes and this is the cause of many allergic reactions and even diseases in Australian homes.


If roaches crawling around your Sydney property is driving you up the wall, let the professionals at OCG Pest Control step in and help. OCG proudly uses sustainable roach control tactics that feature the lowest toxicity levels possible.

In many cases, our low-impact gel baiting—specifically designed to target roaches with behavioral aversions to outdated formulas—works excellently to eradicate German cockroaches. As adult roaches venture out to forage food for their nymphs, they will pick up the bait and bring it back to their aggregation area, which ensures all roaches present consume the material.

To deploy our baits in the correct areas, our team will set up sticky traps (monitors) in notable roach hotspots that contain high heat levels, moisture, and food sources—continuously monitoring traffic to ensure roach populations are dwindling.



Don’t delay on roach control; contact OCG Pest Control today to learn how to get rid of German cockroaches!


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