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End of Lease Pest Control Sydney

End of Lease Pest Control Sydney

End of Lease Pest Control Sydney by OCG Pest Control – We give you the professional End of Lease General Pest Control solutions you can depend on in Sydney. Your lease contract may include provisions calling for a General Pest Control treatment before the end of your rental. Undesirable pests could make getting your bond difficult. Real estate agencies may request documentation from a pest control provider to confirm that the job was done properly. 

Our end of lease pest treatment begins with a comprehensive site check. To ensure that we target every pest species, we use a blend of baits and repellents inside of the home followed by perimeter treatments both inside and outside. We also focus on roof voids and subfloors that are typically the biggest problem areas for pests and rodents.

OCG Pest Control technicians will inspect all electrical outlets, light fixtures, plumbing pipes, vents, windows, doors, crawl spaces, attics, basements, garages, sheds, decks, porches, fireplaces, chimneys, and any other potential entry points into or out of the property. 

Treatment and certification

An end of lease agreement pest control service by OCG Pest Control Service is designed for each species of pest to ensure effective removal as well as minimizing delays with your bond return. The technician will provide a written report detailing treatment methods used and results achieved. All reports include pictures taken during inspection and treatments performed. Reports can be provided in person at our office or via email within 24 hours after completion of services. 

End of Lease Pest Control by OCG Pest Control Our fully trained and licensed End of Lease Pest Control professionals will: Survey and report findings Apply various targeted treatments for specific pest species and problem areas including specific gels, surface sprays, and powders in roofing and subfloors Issue a General Pest Control Certificate to provide your real estate agent. We also offer the following Pest Control additional services. 

End of Lease pest control
End of Lease pest control

Professional and qualified

Pests are an undeniable fact of life. They invade our homes, hiding in the nooks and crannies of rooms across the house. The worst part is that no matter how clean you keep your home, there is always a good chance that once you’re not looking they’ll come running to take up residence. Pests can be a nuisance at best, but for some people, they are a nightmare.

Ocg Pest Control has been providing End of Lease Pest Control solutions since 2009. Our team of professionals have years of experience working with pests, so we know what it takes to get rid of them safely and effectively. We offer the best end of lease pest control in Sydney, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

End of Lease Flea Treatments

We provide fully compliant End of Lease Flea Treatments Sydney wide. In NSW, it is now a legal requirement for all pet owners to undergo an End of Lease Flea Treatment in order to receive their bond money back at the end of their tenancy. This means that you will need to treat your entire property before moving out or risk losing your bond!

If you are looking for fleas treatment services near me then look no further than our professional team here at OCG Pest Control. Regardless of whether your dog or cat has fleas or not, you are obliged to hire a pest control professional for end-of-lease flea treatment.

Who Is responsible for removing pests during tenancy ?

End of Lease Pest Control Sydney, Ocg Pest Control & Termite Prevention Services| FREE QUOTE | #1 Pest Control Service Provider

Who Is responsible for removing pests during tenancy ?

Who decides which pests or vermin have to be removed or exterminated during a tenancy will depend on the lease type and whether the pest issue already exists at the time of occupancy:

  • pests or vermin were already an issue at the time the tenant moved in.
  • A problem with the property has permitted the pests to enter or an invasion to occur.
  • The tenant’s behaviour initiated the matter.

Typically, landlords are expected to be liable for the prompt elimination of pests and vermin at the start of the lease contract. Landlords are thus expected to provide tenants with a clean property that is fit for living.

Tenants are accountable for pest control and maintenance if the bug problem arises normally after 7 days after the residential lease starts. This is normally as a result of the lack of cleanliness of the tenant. If a tenant believes that the insect infestation, pest control or vermin was not brought on by their actions or negligence, then the tenant may not be charged with pest elimination. For example, if there’s a hole on the wall that enables vermin to enter.

Factors beyond the tenant’s control, the background of the property, and what’s listed in the condition report can all influence who is thought to be responsible for the incident. See End of Lease Pest Control for more information.

Get professional end of lease pest control services in Sydney

End of lease pest control services
End of lease pest control services

You’ve got to move out of your rental property in Sydney soon, and you’re stressed because you got into conflict with your bond due to poor pet conditions. Then, contact OCG Pest Controls’ end-of-lease flea cure or any other pest control service to end the infestation! The lease contract will undoubtedly state that it’s your responsibility to handle the property against fleas if you have been keeping animals (dogs or cats) during the lease period. Hence, pay strict attention to your rental agreement and call OCG Pest Control if you struggle to receive the bond back at the end of your tenancy.

At times, you may have a flea problem on your own even when you do not allow pets in the home. If you encounter a concern of this kind, seek counsel from local officials concerning your rights by visiting the Tenants Union.

Our move-out pest control service is used by any landlord and follows lawful regulations to supply tenants with a pest-free and hygienic living environment. Furthermore, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and rodents have the ability to spread diseases and make your apartment a source of cross-contamination. Skin and fur pests, like mice, rats and insects, can also severely damage your property and cause a myriad of issues.

DIY termite eradication techniques aren’t quite as effective for eliminating pests as pest control applications. Call OCG Pest Control today to schedule a professional pest control appointment!


Can flea pest control effectively eliminate fleas?

Yes, professional flea pest control can effectively eliminate flea infestations.

Does flea pest control precisely target and kill fleas?

Absolutely. Flea pest control is designed to target and exterminate fleas specifically.

How do professionals eradicate fleas using flea pest control methods?

Professionals use a combination of treatments, including sprays, powders, and foggers, tailored to the specific infestation’s needs.

What methods and products are utilized in flea pest control?

Common methods include insecticide sprays, foggers, and growth regulators. The chosen method depends on the infestation’s severity and location.

What’s the typical cost for flea pest control services?

Costs vary based on the service’s extent and location, but the average is between $110 to $200.

What is the price range for flea-specific pest control?

Flea treatments charge anywhere from $200 to $400 per treatment and may require up to 3.

Are DIY flea pest control methods effective?

While some DIY methods can reduce flea populations, professional treatments are often more effective for complete eradication.

What are the top DIY pest control solutions for fleas?

Popular DIY solutions include flea sprays, diatomaceous earth, and natural repellents like lemon and eucalyptus.

How effective are flea pest control treatments?

When applied correctly, professional flea treatments are highly effective, often eliminating over 95% of an infestation.

Can you explain the process of flea pest control?

The process involves inspecting the infested area, applying treatments, monitoring the situation, and possibly retreating if necessary.

How successful is flea pest control in eradicating infestations?

With professional treatment, most flea infestations can be eradicated successfully.

What’s the average expense for professional flea pest control?

On average, homeowners spend between $110 to $200, depending on the service’s extent.

Which specific products are preferred for flea infestations in pest control?

Insect growth regulators, adulticides, and flea-specific sprays are commonly used.

What steps do pest control experts take against flea infestations?

Experts typically inspect, treat, monitor, and offer preventive advice to homeowners.

Can flea pest control guarantee the complete elimination of fleas?

While no method guarantees 100% elimination, professional treatments come very close when followed up correctly.

Are DIY flea pest control sprays effective?

They can be effective for minor infestations but might not be as potent as professional treatments.

What DIY methods are recommended for flea control?

Flea traps, diatomaceous earth, and natural repellents are among the recommended DIY methods.

How efficient are pest control treatments against fleas?

Professional treatments are highly efficient, often addressing both adult fleas and larvae.

Can individuals successfully handle fleas with DIY pest control?

For minor infestations, yes. However, severe infestations often require professional intervention.

How do flea pest control treatments function?

They work by targeting adult fleas, larvae, and eggs, disrupting their life cycle and preventing reproduction.

What’s the average cost of professional flea treatments in pest control?

Flea treatments charge anywhere from $200 to $400 per treatment and may require up to 3.

What are the available options for flea pest control treatments?

Options include sprays, foggers, growth regulators, and professional-grade solutions.

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