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Gino Kumru


Let me introduce Gino Kumru, a visionary leader obsessed with details.
Let's commence by acknowledging a fundamental truth: I am OCD. From my professional endeavours to my home, my cars, and my cherished family, unwavering attention to detail underscores everything I invest in.

In today's world, the word "effort" often falls short of its due recognition. But what you put in directly corresponds to what you get out. It's a simple principle that has guided me through my journey.

Like most, I embarked on this journey, starting from the humble beginnings of flipping burgers. By the tender age of 19, I had secured my first investment, a pivotal step that propelled me towards the vast expanse of the Western Australian mines in the Pilbara. The path then led me to the team leader role, where my work as a shift fitter and welder was met with sincere appreciation. However, I needed more to satiate my hunger for more. A realisation struck: my efforts benefited others disproportionately while I lingered in the background.
With this revelation, a decision took root within me. Fueled by the encouragement of a few builders, I embarked on the journey to establish my own company.

Pre-construction barriers became the initial focus, with pest control as the foundation. But this was only the beginning.

As time progressed, it became evident that "Obsessive Compulsive Gino" (OCG) was more than a label. Beyond treating mere structures, my passion extended to proactive prevention and cost-effective strategies.

Customer satisfaction emerged as a cornerstone, and acclaim followed suit. With an impressive tally of over 300 stellar five-star reviews, my team expanded by four talented members. And now, the time has come to set our sights on grander endeavours. With a bolstered team and refined management, we're primed to embrace larger contracts. The groundwork has been laid, and we possess the workforce and the expertise to make it happen.

Yet, life's pursuits extend beyond the professional sphere. An avid father, I revel in the joy of parenthood. My fascination with all things engine-powered is rivalled only by my dedication to the constant enhancement of my business.

In Gino Kumru, you encounter a leader who thrives on obsession, channelling it into unparalleled attention to detail. It's the principle that what you invest directly reflects what you reap. I strive to exemplify this truth through each endeavour, forever pushing boundaries and carving a legacy fueled by my unyielding commitment to excellence.

Philip Goody

With a wealth of life experiences and a journey spanning over three decades, I, Philip Goody, bring a unique perspective to the world of pest control. At the age of 68, I ventured to Sydney in 1983, embracing a new chapter after a successful career as a mechanical engineer.

Upon retirement, I sought meaningful avenues to invest my time and skills. It was then that I found myself collaborating with Gino and the dynamic team at OCG Pest Control. This transition marked a new chapter in my journey, one that brought me into the intricate realm of pest control.

Having witnessed pest control practices in England, where wood bores were the primary concern, I've seamlessly transitioned to addressing the challenge of termites in Australia. With a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach, I've embraced this change, leveraging my background in engineering to offer a distinctive perspective to pest control solutions.

As the seasons shift, our efforts amplify in response to the surge in pest-related concerns during the summer months. The rising demand motivates us to remain vigilant and innovative, constantly evolving our strategies to counteract the threat posed by these pests.

Through my partnership with OCG Pest Control, I've discovered the synergy between my engineering acumen and the intricacies of pest control. The experience has been enriching, allowing me to contribute to the pursuit of pest-free environments while embracing a new sense of purpose in my retirement years.

I look forward to every challenge that comes my way, fueled by the collective determination of our team to provide effective pest control solutions to the community we serve

Rebecca Holubko

Administration Manager

Rebecca Holubko serves as the Administration Manager at OCG Pest Control, embodying the essence of professionalism and inspiration. Her unwavering motivation, profound competence, and exceptional communication and organizational skills define her role as a linchpin within our team. With an innate ability to engage seamlessly across all levels of interaction, Rebecca orchestrates a symphony of effective service delivery and goal attainment.

Before joining OCG Pest Control, Rebecca dedicated numerous years to the field of education, where she thrived as a teacher. This prior experience has enriched her perspective and contributed to her holistic approach to management.

The intricacies of daily office operations hold a special allure for Rebecca as she adeptly navigates tasks ranging from meticulous report crafting to overseeing OCG's scheduling appointments. Her capacity to seamlessly assume diverse roles and handle multiple pressures is a testament to her resilience.

What sets Rebecca apart is her educational background focused on nurturing the youngest minds, complemented by an authentic ardour for the holistic development of children and a profound commitment to community welfare. These qualities infuse her presence with boundless enthusiasm, rendering her an invaluable asset within the OCG Pest Control team.

William Collins

Introducing William Collins, a dedicated and enthusiastic addition to the OCG Pest Control team. With six months of dedicated service under his belt, William's journey in the field is already a testament to his passion for excellence.

In his relatively short time with us, William has displayed an innate aptitude for the intricacies of pest control. His eagerness to learn, coupled with his hands-on experience, showcases a promising foundation upon which he continues to build.

William's love for his work is palpable, infusing his every action with an energy that's contagious. His commitment to the craft goes beyond the routine tasks; he genuinely revels in the process of identifying challenges and devising effective solutions. This mindset is a valuable asset, as it drives innovation and ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of care.

As a newcomer to the pest control industry, William's fresh perspective brings a unique dimension to our team. His willingness to absorb knowledge from experienced colleagues and embrace new techniques underscores his dedication to growth. His humble yet determined approach to his work inspires those around him and reflects his desire to make a meaningful contribution.

William's journey is a reminder that every great professional starts with a single step, and his choice to embark on this path reflects his tenacity and courage. We eagerly anticipate the growth and evolution that his presence will undoubtedly bring to both our team and the quality of service we provide.

In celebrating William's initial six months with OCG Pest Control, we look forward to witnessing his continued development and the positive impact to the OCG team.

Luke Semrany

With over three years of specialized experience in pest control, I have meticulously refined my expertise in diagnosing, resolving, and preempting pest-related challenges. My particular prowess lies in combatting rodents. The strategic intricacies involved in ensuring rodent-free environments provide a distinct sense of accomplishment, mirroring the pristine and secure spaces I aim to create.

I've had the privilege of working closely with the Managing Director throughout my training and in our day-to-day operations. This close mentorship has granted me invaluable insights and experience that are immeasurable, enhancing my proficiency in the field.

Outside the realm of pest control, I channel my unwavering determination into intensive workouts at the gym. Much like my professional approach, I pursue my fitness regimen with methodical discipline. The gym serves as a testament to my resilience, where I constantly challenge my boundaries, set ambitious targets, and revel in the euphoria of every goal achieved.

As a proud Indigenous Australian, I carry my heritage with pride, and it deeply influences my work ethic and perspective. My philosophy revolves around the ethos of perpetual growth. I am ardently committed to seizing opportunities that foster both professional and personal development, ensuring I remain at the forefront of my craft and personal aspirations.

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