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Brown Widow SPIDER

Identification of the Brown Widow Spider Latrodectus geometricus, family Theridiidae.

Brown Widow SPIDER
Brown Widow SPIDER

Other names for this spider include the geometric button spider, the brown button, and the grey widow.

Redback-like in appearance but larger and lacking the upper red stripe. hardly ever jet black. Legs measure up to 40mm in length, similar to Redbacks.

Given that it is frequently found close to U.S. Air bases, it was probably introduced to Australia during World War II. Reports were initially made from Darwin, but in 1987 they were also found from Brisbane, Townsville, Rockhampton, and Kingaroy. strongly connected to occupancy by humans.

Brown Widows were more widespread in Brisbane in the 1980s and the early 1990s, but they quickly went extinct and are now quite rare.

Brown widows have several predators since they are widely scattered around the world. Various wasp species, such as mud daubers and digger wasps, frequently hunt on brown widows.

Brown widow spiders favor remote locations. Like the majority of spiders, brown widow spiders like dim, inaccessible locations like wooded regions. They can also be discovered in cities, in your backyard, and nearby. Brown widow spiders can be found in the following locations:

  • All throughout the garden, including inside empty flower pots and behind railings
  • In boxes, beneath handles, and in closets, attics, and garages.
  • Around your home, especially behind window shutters and under eaves
  • Underneath furniture, both indoor and outdoor
  • Within clothes and linen folds
  • Inside shoes

Brown widow spiders are active during all four seasons: spring, summer, Autumn, and winter.

brown widow australia

Breeding in the summer with a year-round breeding potential. The Redback’s egg sac is a smooth sphere, whereas the egg sac of the brown widow australia species is spiky.

Brown widows are prolific breeders because they can lay a large number of egg sacs throughout their lifetime, frequently several at once. They can produce 20 egg sacs in their lives and lay roughly 120–150 eggs each sac.

Insects, frogs, lizards, and other spiders are their primary prey.

Brown widow spider australia Web

Web Strong, fine threads. Compared to the Redback, the web constructs more frequently in cooler environments and may do so inside buildings and among vegetation.

The brown widow creates her web in isolated, safe locations near houses and in branch-heavy woods. Brown widows frequently choose abandoned objects like buckets and nursery pots, mailboxes, entryway corners, under eaves, in storage closets and garages, in the recessed hand grips of plastic garbage cans, under the wheels of stationary cars for extended periods of time, and on the undersides of outdoor furniture and wrought iron railings.

Black Widow VS Brown Widow

Black Widow VS Brown Widow

brown widow BITE

Are brown widow spiders dangerous = Strong and painful, but not as bad as a Redback’s bite. Redback venom is slightly more toxic than Brown Widow venom. They appear to be more susceptible to human interactions in terms of bites because they select locations that are more exposed than those chosen by black widows.

While it is true that brown widow spiders have a high venom content for their food, they are extremely frightened of people and rarely bite them. When they do bite, they don’t inject all of their venom, making them less dangerous.

PEST Control of Brown Widows

Regarding the use of insecticides to control brown widows, there is no precise information. The most recent recommendations are those that are utilized to generally control spiders. So, the majority of commercially available pesticides will be effective against brown widows. Be careful when spraying into cracks and crevices.

They shouldn’t have places to nest if the clutter around the house and in the garage is reduced. Additionally, garage objects should be kept in zip-top plastic bags whenever there is a chance of encounters with spiders. These things include infrequently worn clothing like gardening gloves and apparel, leisure items like sporting goods (like baseball gloves) and other objects with openings that allow fingers to be inserted by spiders.

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