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 Ants are sometimes compared to termites because they both chew through wood. The difference is that termites eat the wood and carpenter ants do not. Instead, they chew it up and spit it out. Our carpenter ant control service will help make sure they don't harm your home.

Nuisance Ant Control

What to Expect From Your OCG Man?

An OCG Nuisance Ant Treatment plan begins with a thorough property inspection by a highly-trained pest control technician to locate and identify Nuisance Ant  and the places they breed in and around your home. Once the inspection is complete, your OCG technician will prepare a Nuisance Ant treatment plan that’s right for you.

Why do you have an ant problem?

Many reasons can lead to ants entering your home, but more than likely, they are looking for food.It just so happens that your home is near the site where a queen decided to establish her colony.Ants, too, need to eat to survive.
As well as feeding themselves, they must also take care of their young.They don't want to bother you or cause you any distress.

Can you easily learn how to rid your home of ants?

It's not always easy to control ants.It doesn't matter how clean or dirty your home is if you have an ant infestation.It is quite possible that your property is an ant haven.Nuptial flights occur in late spring and early summer, causing problems for homeowners.A swarm of winged ants is often seen setting up a colony in your walls.

How OCG control ants?

Your property may be at risk from ants.Despite their small size, they can cause big problems.Treatments must penetrate and kill the unseen nest and infestation in order to be truly effective.The process of preventing carpenter ants is not a one-time proposition.Our technicians work to deliver unique solutions — rooted in science — to help protect your home.By using cutting-edge technology and award-winning training, your OCG Man will find conditions that encourage carpenter ants, eradicate the infestation, and prevent future invasions.

Having trained for more than 160 hours just in the first year,OCG Man will know how to identify carpenter ants and their behavior to tailor his solution accordingly.Thankfully, Nuisance ants cannot stand a chance against our powerful science, research, and technology.
Our High-Quality & Professional group is based on a team of experts, quality assurance program, & universal documentation of findings & service, all of which guarantees our pest control services meets our high-quality standards & norms.

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